Best Gentle Facial Cleanser For You to use in the morning

Hi, for oil skinned and combination skinned girls, you always want to find a gentle facial cleanser to use in the morning. The cleanser should be gentle without stripping your skin. It also need to cut through your oil and dirt at the same time. Let’s listen to CoCo’s advice:

Once upon a time,there was a debate in the beauty corner whether it is necessary to wash your face in the morning. Even though some dermatologists said it was not necessary, but they also said there’s nothing wrong with washing your face every morning. I have combination skin with oily face in the morning, so I prefer to wash my face every morning. You know, I can’t stand to put my SPF directly to my a little bit greasy face. However, over-cleansing  is harmful for our skin too, thus all cleansers & Washes I used in the morning should be gentle and natural. Here I will talk about the best gentle facial cleansers & washes  I  have ever used in the morning .

.png - Best Gentle Facial Cleansers / Washes For Oily/Combination Skin To Use In The Morning


Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser

Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser - Best Gentle Facial Cleansers / Washes For Oily/Combination Skin To Use In The Morning

Caudalie is a natural brand from France which is famous for their grape-related skincare products. Personally, I have used their serum and cream as well which are all gentle and suit for sensitive-skinned girls.

This foaming cleanser  contains Glycerin alongside water, which is known as moisturiser. It also contains grape extracts, sage, and chamomile which  can help to make your skin calm and fresh. This cleanser comes in liquid form,but it change to  foam instantly when you press the top. One pump is already enough for me to clean my face. The foam is so thick that I feel like every cell of my skin has been genteelly touched. It is not fragrance-free and it has a bit grape fruit scent. I love this scent! Whenever I do this my skin feel clean and fresh(but not stripped.) The only cons is that it  runs out so quick that I have to grab a new one within 1 and half month.

They change the appearance recently(used to be transparent),but the feeling is the same.



Curel Foam Facial Wash

1024x1024 - Best Gentle Facial Cleansers / Washes For Oily/Combination Skin To Use In The Morning

Even though it is designed for  dry/sensitive skin, it also suit for oily / combination skinned girls to use in the morning.

In fact, Curel is a popular addicted-free high street brand in Japan (another addicted -free brand I talked about before is Haba).You should hear about Curel before if you have interest in Asian Beauty. This foaming wash’s ingredients include glycerin( the same as Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser) ,maltitol,propylene glycol and PEG-150 which are common moisturisers.  It also contains Potassium Hydroxide to adjust PH. I’ve noticed a trend towards weak acid cleanser recently. Yes,this one is wear acid cleanser which will help to maintain skin’s  natural PH.Take 2 pump of it ,massage in and rinse-off, it cuts through dirt and oil without stripping. My skin feels smooth,hydrated and even brighten whenever I use it. It is fragrance-free and can last for 3 months.


Kanebo Freeplus Mild Soap/Gentle Cleansing Cream

1024x682 - Best Gentle Facial Cleansers / Washes For Oily/Combination Skin To Use In The Morning

This cream cleanser is so-called AHA cleanser which is low-irritation that good for both sensitive and acne-prone skin. As I said above, it is also a good choice to use in the morning for its gentleness.

It contains  glycerin, potassium cocoyl glycinate to keep moisture level of your skin. The ingredients also include some plant extracts such as hatomugi extract (another skincare product I introduced before is hatomugi skin conditioner). It has quite a thick, creamy texture but easy to turn into bubble and rinse-off well with water. My skin feels fresh and smooth without stripping. Even though it is fragrance-free, I feel a bit dry wall powder scent just like some other AHA cleansers.


All in all, those 3  gentle facial cleansers are mild enough to use in the morning. For sensitive / dry skinned girls it also works. They will help to clean your dirt and oil without drying your skin.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the above, or any other good facial cleansers to use in the morning in the comment.


[Source]: Best Gentle Facial Cleanser  From CoCo’s beauty blog.


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